mercredi 17 juin 2009

Heaven to Hell

1- It's not over yet, Klaxons (Brodinski remix)
2- Digital love (Daft Punk Cover), Alphabeat
3- I love college, Ashter Roth
4- Brooklyn We Go Hard, Jay-Z feat. Santogold
5-Gay Fish, Kanye West
6- Little secrets, Passion Pit (Sox remix)
7- Fascination, Alphabeat
8- Human, The Killers
9- Heartless, Kanye West
10- Get on your boots, Justice remix
11- Betty Got Jacked, Loo & Placido
12- Get Em High, Kanye West vs The knife (A-trak remix)
13- Flashing Lights ft. Dwele, Kanye West (Diplo Remix)
14- The parachute ending, Birdy Nam Nam (Instant replay "exorcist" remix)
15- To Protect and Entertain, Busy P
16- Morning Train, Easton & Shenna

1 commentaire:

P. a dit…

Tom, c'est quoi cette baraque...
je veux venir t'entends, fini les soirées déguisés !
i want a pool party :)